Saturday, November 1, 2014

Those Days, October

Here's the wrap up of all things October that haven't yet found their way onto the blog. Enjoy!

Fun at the Ballet Academy!


A wedding with friends!

Working hard at Swim Team!

Losing the big guys!

Strong winds & strange discoveries!

Scenes from a school visit!

October's finest!

Halloween prep!

Celebrating birthdays with buddies!

Good clean silly fun!

A "Two Schneiders" night out!

An impromptu book club with school friends!

A Spooky Piano Performance!

An avid reader!

A pleading daughter, dying to know how to play video games.

A dressy-uppy occassion.

Fun in the autumn sun!

A little one who likes to dress herself these days.

And a big one dressed as Louisa May Alcott for a school project.

A walk to school.

A very happy little family. :)

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