Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick Quotes

A recent conversation with Josie was too good not to capture here (and for all eternity)...

Josie:  “I”m not going to high school or college. I’m going from sixth grade right to my life.”

Mama: "Oh yeah, what do you mean?"

Josie: "I mean, I'm going to just go straight to my job and the rest of my life."

Mama: "Wait, that's soon! Are you going to move after sixth grade?"

Josie: "Um, no. I'm going to start my life but I'm still going to live right here, with you."

Mama: "Whew. Okay, what kind of job?"

Josie: "Well, I'm going to either be an artist that makes science or a scientist that makes art, I just am not really sure yet which one."

(After a long pause, with me giggling under my breath & making a mental note of every word so I could write this down)

Josie: "Either job, no one will care about all the bruises on my knees from climbing trees."

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