Sunday, November 1, 2015

Those Days, November

So November was BIG. In fact, EPIC. In November we took the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World AND we got a puppy!!! Each of those two big things will have their own posts. And here’s a bunch of other awesome stuff that happened in November too including playdates, fun with the girls on our street, a couple cool park visits, jumping in leaves, baking cakes, Josie’s first 5K (YAY GIRLS!!), Bea in costume (because when isn't Bea in costume, a school feast, an itsy bitsy teeny tiny bit of roadtrip snow, Chicago for Thanksgiving and early Christmas wishes!

Josie may or may not have fallen into Mirror Lake soon after this picture,
but we are never allowed to talk about it again. If it happened. 

"Please take my tooth."
(A practice note to the tooth fairy from Bea for when the big day comes.)

My trustee Ergo sent to a Syrian refugee mama

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