Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

So there's no doubt about it, our kids LOVE Halloween. We all love Halloween, and why wouldn't we? Dressing up? Hanging out with our friends? Walking around our neighborhood collecting candy?! It's just the best!

The girls knew what they wanted to be for Halloween in about July, so these costumes were very eagerly adorned by the time Halloween finally arrived!

Clearly Miss Beatrice was born to be Princess Leia. (This girl! I swear! I don't know where she gets this stuff!)

Our sweet Josie took a turn for the dark side this Halloween. Check out Josie Vader - fully clad head to toe in what she called "the real Darth Vader" costume.

Besides official Halloween on Saturday, we definitely had our fair amount of fun the whole week. Josie got to dress up as her favorite book character for school and it took about 3 seconds for her to choose Cece from El Deafo - it's a great, autobiographical graphic novel that our Mother/Daughter bookclub really enjoyed. Josie has read it cover to cover several times. We were both really excited when we got to have a little conversation with the book's author on Instagram when we shared Josie's picture.

Little baker Beatrice wanted to make banana muffins which instantly became "spooooooky banana muffins" -

Here are a few more Halloween scenes from my phone. We had friends over for a pizza party and all trick-or-treated together - ending in an epic candy-fueled dance party and sleepover with a good friend.  It was the best Halloween yet!

Emperor Mom ;)

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