Monday, March 14, 2016

Celebrating Bea's 5th Birthday

Sweet Beatrice is FIVE! Five is a biggie! We heard this a lot, and we know this to be true. It's possible, and perhaps even likely that there was some serious denial going into Bea's 5th birthday. So much denial, in fact, that all the sudden IT WAS HERE. Bea waffled quite a bit on what she wanted to do for her birthday, so in the end we put together a few of her favorite things and a week later a 5th birthday party was enjoyed by all.

Bea's birthday morning started with presents just after sunrise. She was really, really excited to get this Millennium Falcon.

Before school she insisted on some 5th birthday photos, and struck a series of poses in the course of about 2 minutes that show her pure silly sweetness through and through.

While we were all sad Josie couldn't join, we were really happy to celebrate Bea's 5th circle around the sun in her montessori classroom. Bea has literally been coming to these celebrations since she was in utero. Josie was with this same teacher when we were at the hospital giving birth to Beatrice. So this was a sweet and emotional moment.

After singing happy birthday, the kids each got to give Beatrice a special wish for her birthday. Most of them started with, "I wish that for your birthday, you could come to my house and we could..."

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed watching all the kids on their natural playscape overlooking the XU Soccer Field.

Later that evening, we had a little family party with Grandma & Granddaddy. 

Earlier in the month when Grandma asked Bea what kind of birthday cake she wanted this year, she insisted on a "wedding cake." Grandma went for it! And Bea LOVED IT! 

She couldn't wait to dive into it, so we let the girls eat the top layer before dinner...

...where Beatrice ate her weight in macaroni & cheese.

After having some fun with the best game ever....

...The night ended like this. A scene that has played out many, many nights over the last 8 years. A scene that I was SUPER grateful for on the night when I was feeling pretty emotional about Beatrice (our miracle) turning FIVE.

Later that weekend, it was time to celebrate Bea's birthday with friends. But first, SOPAPILLAS! 

Then, a party combining three of Beatrice's favorite things: Star Wars, Hip Hop & Cupcakes!

The place where she takes her weekly Hip Hop lessons agreed to host a group of Bea's friends for a private dance class. Everyone had a blast!

Bonus Feature: Star Wars Photo Shoot on the Porch

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