Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quick Quotes: "Rainbow Bridge Edition"

Since two class pets died in the same week, there's been a lot of talk about death and Heaven and rainbow bridges around the house lately. Here's a quote from Bea on our way to Hip Hop dance class this morning. Pretty imaginative combination here - from Christianity to things overheard from Josie's Latin project at school to My Little Pony. Good stuff.

"Did you know how big the Rainbow Bridge is?! It is sooooo long and it goes all the way to Heaven. It goes all the way through space through the sky. But it's not scary, because it has walls on the side so you can't fall off. It's like a giant rainbow escalator. And it's very peaceful. And on your way to Heaven you can become an angel or a fairy or an alicorn. OR you can even become one of God's cousins. You know, like Artemis." 

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