Thursday, March 24, 2016

Josie's Spring Concert (and Fashion Show)

Josie's Spring Concert was so much fun! She's been talking about it for WEEKS, so we were all really excited on the big day. The music was all 60s & 70s pop music and the stage was decorated using Pop Art.

Josie, all grown up, was very feeling fabulous in her new dress and sandals.

So fabulous that a little photo shoot was in order.

And my personal favorite, which captures them both SO perfectly....

Sweet girl was even so happy with her braids that she insisted on photo evidence.

And, now for the real reason we were all there--the music!

We are so happy to all the experiences that changing schools has opened up for Josie. This is just one of many. (The all-Latin Winter concert was fun too, just in another way.) A favorite moment during the Spring Concert was when the 5th graders led the audience in "All You Need Is Love" and everyone in the audience joined in and took over. There's a reason this school is referred to as "Happy Hyde Park." And, get this, Josie's music teacher is the bass player for the indie rock band Wussy.

Just had to add that we were nearly late for the concert, because Beatrice insisted on having a special outfit too. This is what she landed on - complete with a matching puppy purse. Good day, Sunshine Indeed. :)

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