Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yea, So Back in October...

Excuses, Excuses right? Life has been nothing short of chaos lately as we attempt (often unsuccessfully) to find balance between all the stuff we "have to" do and all the stuff (like this blog) that we want to do.  So, I will leave it at that.  I'm quite behind on the blog, but with the flurry of photos just sure to find their way on to my memory card soon (ah, the holidays) I figured it was sort of now or never.

So, here is my attempt to recap the month of October which started with Lou's birthday, ended with Halloween and was filled throughout with one of the best autumns that Cincinnati has every seen.

Lou's Birthday was quite the celebration. (Much different might I add from the birthday celebrations of the past. Remember the 70 or so people at his 30th pirate party in our condo?) We spent this birthday at the Wee Folk Fairy Festival (where Josie was extremely excited about the ponies, belly dancers, and excuse to wear fairy wings in public) and the Zoograss Bluegrass Festival (where we got our first real taste of Fall weather and first hot cocoa of the season). Oh, and there were presents. And cake. In keeping with Schneider family tradition, I let Josie totally chose Lou's present all on her own. She was *sure* that we he really really wanted was a Dragon Pillow Pet that converts to into a castle and roars.  And she was right, he loved it.

Fairy Festival: 

Zoograss Bluegrass:

Present-time (she also chose the gift bag):

October Weekends:

We had some great weekends in October - including a visit from my Aunt Pat, fun with a super-sale Fishyeye lens I found on Amazon, playing in the mud, and all that good stuff.

And - we went to Chicago!!! (See I told you I was behind.)  We had a wonderful time celebrating Lylabird's THIRD birthday. You can check out my sister's post about the weekend at:  (Thank sissy for covering it all.)

In the interest of getting caught up (but not editing even though some of these would be much better with a good polish) - here are some of my pics from our trip.

 We went to the Midnight Circus at the Park - which was so cool (although thank goodness not actually at midnight.)

My favorite pic - our FOUR kids. Crazy!

So, I think that about covers October (Heavens to Betsy, I am almost caught up!)

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