Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Those Days, June

June was rolling in the green grass. June was the last day of Bea’s first day of preschool, the last day of Josie’s life as a Xavier Montessori Lab School student and our last day all walking to school together. June was the pool opening and daily ice cream with friends. June was golden hour floating in the water and learning to swim like a big kid. June was clover crowns and wildflower bouquets and summer fashion. June was some nights before the sun went down and other times pushing midnight. June was neighborhood summer girlfriends and family friendships made stronger. June was eating all three meals poolside and trips to the park. June was creative times inside when the heat or the rain demanded it. June was hosting a mother/daughter bookclub.  June was celebrating Grandma’s retirement and celebrating Father’s Day with donuts and pizza in the sunshine. June was climbing trees and geocaching. June was building muscles from tossing kids high in the air. June was a rare night out - just the two of us with french fries and ice cream for dinner. June was just the beginning of what was the best summer yet!

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